How can I reach out to my relatives this Christmas season?

The Christmas season is a great opportunity to reach out to our relatives. It’s a season of parties and reunions and, whether people admit it or not, is also a time where people are emotionally vulnerable as they get sentimental the year that has passed. That’s why it is important that we maximize this season to reach out to our relatives and share the real message of Christmas over the holidays.

Here are just some of the practical ways to reach out to your relatives:

  • Give them gifts that will honor and make them feel appreciated. It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive— even handmade ones with a short letter of appreciation or encouragement will surely mean a lot to them!
  • Spend quality time with them. Make an effort to be present in the reunions, instead of being glued to our cellphones. Grab every opportunity to pray— even just for the food, which you can also extend to praying for the whole family. Be there to listen to their stories. Engage them about Jesus, yet be careful not to be too preachy.
  • If given the opportunity, share your testimony on how God has been faithful in your life this past year. You can even initiate group conversations by asking them questions like, “What is one thing you’re grateful for this year?” or “What is your biggest learning this year?”
  • Do extraordinary things that will make them feel loved and appreciated. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t normally express your love to your relatives, then take this time to do so—whether it’s through hugs, by asking them how they are, or even extending forgiveness. Allow yourself to be used as an instrument to be a reflection of God’s love.

At the end of the day, celebrating Christmas is about rejoicing over the grace and new hope we have through Jesus Christ. As early as now, you can already start praying for the coming holiday festivities, and for more opportunities to reach out to your relatives.

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