This August 2 to 4, thousands of high school and university students with a passion for God, their campuses, and the nation will come together at the SM Mall of Asia Arena for the Every Nation Campus Asia Conference 2017: Unashamed 2017!

The Every Nation Campus Asia Conference 2017 aims to empower students to make disciples with a vision to change the campus and change the world. The world uses shame to manipulate people into following its ways, but a Christian who has been set free from shame can live unashamed – unashamed of their identity, but able to identify with Christ; unashamed of their calling and willing and able to preach the Word.

What would the world look like if a generation of Christians rose up and boldly declared that they are unashamed of Jesus and His Gospel? Find out at Unashamed 2017!

What: Unashamed 2017
Who: High school and university students from the Philippines and Asia
When: August 2 to 4, 2017
Where: SM Mall of Asia Arena
Registration Fee: Php1500/attendee
Start of Registration: January 20, 2017 (Philippines); January 27 (Asia)


For Philippine Delegates:

1. How do I register?

High school and university students may register at any Victory youth service. Please click here to find the location of the Victory congregation nearest you.

2. What time does Unashamed 2017 start?

Unashamed 2017 is a three-day conference, and the conference times vary per day. We will release exact times per day, including what times gates open and close, very soon. Please check in again with us soon.

3. I’m not from Victory or an Every Nation church. Can I attend Unashamed 2017?

Any high school or university student may join, but you will need to buy your tickets at a Victory youth service or have someone register for you. Tickets & IDs will not be sold at the venue on the days of the conference.

4. I’ve registered for Unashamed 2017! When will I get my ID?

You can expect to receive your IDs well before Unashamed 2017. Keep posted for our schedule of ID releases, which we will announce on our social media.

5. I’ve registered for Unashamed 2017! How will I know where I’ll be seated?

Your Unashamed 2017 ID comes with your seating information printed directly on it. That’s how you’ll know where you’ll be seated. Don’t worry, though–at the Arena, you’re close enough to the action, no matter where you’re seated!

6. I want to volunteer for Unashamed 2017! How do I go about it?

Thank you for your heart of service! Just approach any campus missionary at your youth service and let them know. Please know, though, that even volunteers will still have to pay the conference fee of Php1,500.

For International Delegates:

1. Is the conference open for all?

Unashamed 2017 is an equipping and empowering event. While it is open for everyone, we highly encourage you to give the slots to staff, student leaders, interns, and campus ministry volunteers.

2. How many slots are allocated for Internationals?

There are 1,000 slots reserved for International delegates. A slot will be officially assigned to a registrant only after payment is made and the international coordinator encodes it on the online registration system.

3. When is the deadline of registration?

Deadline of registration for International delegates is on June 30, 2017. However, registration will be closed earlier if and when all slots are taken. Please note that slots are available on a first come, first serve basis.

4. Is there a registration fee for children?

There will be no registration fee for infants from 0-12 months. All children ages 1 year old and up will have to pay the same registration amount ($15).

5. Some delegates are ready to pay. Can we register them before January 27?

The registration website will only be open by January 27, 12:00 AM Philippine Standard Time. Payments made before that will not be recognized by the system.

6. What are the payment options for registration?

Unashamed 2017 uses Paypal as its online payment gateway. You may use your Paypal account or any credit or debit card to pay.

7. We have cross-cultural missionaries (currently on field or in the Philippines). Where do they register?

Cross-cultural missionaries who are currently in the Philippines may register in their local center for a fee of P 1,500.

Cross cultural missionaries who are currently in their assigned nation will register via their coordinator for a fee of $15.

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