What is Every Nation Campus?

Every Nation Campus is the campus ministry of Every Nation, a movement that exists to honor God by establishing Christ­centered, Spirit­empowered, socially responsible churches and campus ministries in every nation.

For over thirty years, our slogan has been “Change the Campus, Change the World”. We believe that disciplining the youth in the campuses today will change the world for the better, as these students grow up and redeem the field that God brings them into.

There are three descriptions for what kind of campus ministry we are:

1. Church–based
Every Nation Campus partners with a local Every Nation church to reach the campuses within the church’s vicinity. This partnership is:

  • Organizational – Every Nation Campus staff and students serve at their local church
  • Missional – Both local church and campus ministry share in the mission to reach the campus
  • Relational – Campus ministry works hand in hand with the local church pastors and members in order to fulfill its mission

2. Disciple–making
Our goal is to make student disciples on campus. This means that we reach out to lost students on campus, tell them about Jesus, and teach them to follow Him. (See Discipleship)

3. Global
Every Nation Campus is part of the larger global movement of Every Nation. We do campus ministry in a way that is appropriate and effective in the local context, while staying aligned and united with our movement around the world. We participate in the mission of reaching the nations by engaging international students, joining regional events, and going on mission trips.

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